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Agreement finalized for Quapaw House, Inc. to acquire assets of Preferred Family Healthcare


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(Hot Springs, Arkansas) OCT. 4, 2018 - Quapaw House, Inc. (QHI), a Hot Springs-based substance-abuse rehabilitation and behavioral health facility, and Preferred Family Healthcare (PFH) have finalized an agreement to acquire the assets of PFH in the state of Arkansas, according to QHI CEO Casey Bright. 

“The agreement has been reached, transferring all Arkansas assets and property, minus PFH’s real estate holdings to QHI effective on or around October 12, 2018,” said Bright. “Simultaneously, we have reached a deal that will allow QHI to use PFH-owned properties, including all the Arkansas clinics and other facilities,” he added.

“Our leadership team is developing an operational integration strategy and will soon provide additional information on the enrollment process for those clients interested in transitioning to QHI,” Bright added.

“As you can imagine, an acquisition of this size will take time to work through,” said Bright. “We are analyzing every facet of their existing operation, taking equipment and facilities inventory, reviewing personnel and most importantly working to help transition the client base to QHI if they choose to do so. We also must work through the process of licensing, credentialing and certification before fully taking over the PFH sites,” he added. 

According to Bright, the PFH facilities will be rebranded as QHI facilities.  

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