PFH Employee FAQs

As you know, Quapaw House has reached an agreement to transition Preferred Family Healthcare Arkansas facilities to their company. The agreement transfers all Arkansas assets and properties, minus PFH’s real estate holdings to QHI.

Simultaneously, we have reached a deal that will allow QHI to use PFH-owned properties including all the Arkansas clinics and other facilities, in the short term. The leasing agreement includes a plan for QHI to purchase those buildings outright in the next 6 to 12 months.

Employment Opportunities

Quapaw House is interested in retaining PFH employees. PFH employees are encouraged to submit a completed Quapaw House Employment Application and information regarding:

  • Resume

  • Position

  • Location of Interest

to employment@quapawhouseinc.org. Please email or call 501-623-3700 if you have any additional questions.

Quapaw House will follow up with individuals in the near future to further discuss employment opportunities moving forward.